NextDNS stopped working on my iOS device (iOS 15.6.1)

Hi all,

My iOS device has recently stopped querying NextDNS (as reported on the my.nextdns.io dashboard). This occurs over cellular (LTE) as well as on my school WiFi. It does work when I'm at home and the router is set to query only NextDNS.

This seems to have started recently (I've been using NextDNS for over a year).

I tested with the NextDNS iOS app as well as the configuration profile. I tried "Bootstrap IPs" (in the profile) as well as disabling the "ultra low latency" network (in the app). No joy.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  • RESOLVED: This is an incompatibility with 1Blocker. Even when 1Blocker firewall is set to "HTTP", it still prevents NextDNS from working properly.

    SOLUTION: Turn off 1Blocker firewall. All Safari-specific features can remain on.

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