I do not wish to connect to Nextdns Google Cloud Server

Last year when I played around with nextdns it used to connect to dubai Anexia server when they had no servers in my country (india). Few days back, I again played around with to finalize setting it up for my android with Private DNS feature from settings.

I have done everything perfectly, and it is working fine the way it supposed to do. The only thing irked me, was that nextdns was connecting to google cloud server in Mumbai (gc-bom). I do not wish to connect to google cloud. I know that all data is encrypted, and neither nextdns nor google cloud can see it but still I do not wish to connect to google, as it is google.

There is another server in mumbai from called Leap Switch (ls-bom). It has same ping as google cloud. With a lot of tries, I connected to leap switch server only once for few minutes. There are also Anexia and Leap Switch server in bangalore, hyderabad, delhi and Anexia in Dubai. If it is possible, I want to connect to them even if they have high ping than google cloud server.

I read that you change your server via DoH, but the thing is I am using Nextdns on android via the Private DNS feature from OS settings. It uses DoT protocol, so I cannot follow this method.

If it is possible, I want the nextdns devs to manually change my profile configuration to connect to non-google servers from India via their admin privileges. Or setup up a method to change manually change servers from user's side, the way you can select VPN servers from any provider.

Also, there is an error in your system. As I understand it, 'bom' refers to bombay, but it is an outdated/deprecated/non-official name for the city used in the past. The official name is Mumbai, so I would also like if the Nextdns team changed their server's naming method for this city.


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