strange behaviour with NextDNS - need help please

Hi there

This is my first post here, hi to everyone. I am using NextDNS Pro since around 1.5 years and am very happy with it. There is just one thing which impacts my experience.

I use a Fritzbox 4040 as my router and setup DNS over TLS. myconfig.dns.nextdns.io , mainly with Apple Devices (MacBook Pro 2021 M1, iPhone 12 , iPad Air 2) they run on their latest version (as of January 24, 2023)

DNS is set to automatic in the network-settings within the devices and the dashboard says that the respective device uses the NextDNS-config.

I face the issue that when I stream TV with my iPad it suddenly stops, Wifi is still connected. When I try to reach a website from Safari it loads infinitely long. When I reload the website it can be reached by the second try. This behaviour happens randomly and I think its related to  NextDNS because the streaming app interrupts as well as loading websites.

question: How can I approach the problem systematically in order to fix the issue. I read this thread https://help.nextdns.io/t/35hmvc8/getting-ios-crash-logs but I dont have the NextDNS app installed nor I consider to install if not necessary.

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    • Hey
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    I'd go with the most basic approach of using a single simple filter to narrow down the error margin, OISD from my experience is the least intrusive. So I'd test with OISD only and see if the issue stays.

    • Andrew.4
    • 1 yr ago
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    hi there

    I like that idea, actually I just installed OISD as adblocker. At first I experienced longer loading-times with websites and the streaming-app didnt work at all. I then reinstalled the app it and it seems to work as of now.

    To narrow down the problem more I will disable NextDNS for a couple of days and see if really DNS causes the issue or not.

    I also installed the NextDNS app on the Apple-devices and disabled NextDNS on the router, maybe I can narrow it down to a single device.

      • Hey
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      Andrew Yeah running OISD only should resolve almost all the FP's that could be causing issues.

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