Unblocking Windows connectivity test

Windows obviously queries some server out there on the internet to check for connectivity. With the default "Block everything" setting turned on, Windows reports that that it's not connected and the network is unknown.

Does anyone know which domains to unblock to allow this to work again?

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  • This has been answered several times.   Microsoft has a technote listing every host used for determining online/offline.  I don’t have easy access to it right now, but you can search their KBs for the answer 

    • Calvin Hobbes I've whitelisted *.dns.msftncsi.com and *.www.msftconnecttest.com but this hasn't resolved the problem. It still shows as "Unidentified network" with "No internet access". I was dubious that unblocking would work because these two domains aren't in the log of blocked sites.

      So the issue must run deeper. The only blocked site in the log that sounds vaguely connected is upload.fp.measure.office.com. I'll try allowing that as well. Although a search of this domain suggests it's something to do with Skype.


  • Thanks for that. I did do a search on here but obviously not with the right terms. Interesting the domain listed in the articles isn't one I spotted whilst diagnosing the fault. I'll revisit when I have time.

  • The best answer, of course, is to stop using Windows!

  • The issue doesn't occur in the latest beta client so obviously some problem in the v2.x stable client.

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