Sometimes Websites (even popular ones/All) go into a loadingloop till I klick on them several times. (since nextDNS configuration) +

+ When a downloadhoster (for mods for games for example, like filecrypt.cc) gives you some kind of a captcha (not the common ones) the picture do not load, so you can´t solve the puzzle anymore what results in no download possible.

On mediafire.com for example downloads do not even start anymore by clicking on download (they got no captcha)

My Configuration:



- everything on


- NextDNS Standard

- oisd

- Perflyst's Smart-TV Blocklist

*Native tracking Protection*

- everything on

*Block third-party trackers*

- on

*Affiliate & Tracking allowed*

- off

*youth protection*

- Everthing off

*Block site*

- off

*Performence (under options)*

- Everything on


- on


I use the Firefox browser

So, how I can setup all the stuff that everything loads fast again by first click, all downloads start and I do not have any problem that captachas get shown to me like they should.

When I used Cloudflares DNS everything was fast and there was no problem at all.

But there you don´t have that much Privacy Control like here.


So I hope this can get solved. I don´t really want to have to switch back.


Have a nice day!

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  • Try using OISD only, if you're still having issues try enabling Affiliate Tracking as it might be necessary on some services.

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    • Hey Ty, I solved the Problem fully and now everything works great. I think it was more a problem of one of my Anti-Tracking Programs ^^

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