Routing super buggy, I'm in Europe and get assigned to the HongKong resolver

Hey guys,


I'm usually on

"server": "anexia-fra-1",

with 8ms ping.


A couple hours ago I noticed some websites slowing down and sure enough I'm on


with about 360ms ping.

This affects all devices in my network (desktop, iPhone, Android phone).

Sometimes it jumps back to one of the Frankfurt servers but a few moments later it goes back to HK.

I'm even using "https://ipv4.dns.nextdns.io/" on desktop Firefox to avoid any ipv6 routing issues and that worked well for the last 2 months but today I'm again switched to far away resolvers with bad response times.

Some guy on reddit posted a similar problem:
He's from Portugal and gets the HK resolver, too.

This is really quite disappointing behaviour, these routing issues with NextDNS just happen again and again. :-/

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    • olivier
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    Should be fixed

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