NextDNS not working anymore with the windows client or YogaDNS

Starting today, the windows client is not working anymore. For a few weeks already, yogaDNS is also not working anymore with NextDNS configured.

For the windows client, as of today, it won't connect anymore. When I right click the tray icon > enable, it just doesn't nothing. When I mannually restart the nextDNS application, I get the error "getTuntapComponentld: not found component id". When this happens, the status in the tray icon stays at "connecting". I already tried reinstalling it but that gave an error in installing the adapter I think/.

YogaDNS stopped working a few weeks ago. It worked fine before. I setup quad9 dns in my router as a fallback option. Still, YogaDNS chooses this as the option. Even removing quad9 from the router does not solve it.

[01.10 10:42:53] dns.quad9.net - request : type=A, server=, program=svchost.exe
[01.10 10:42:53] dns.quad9.net - process : server=NextDNS (NextDNS, <MyID>), rule=Default
[01.10 10:42:53] dns.quad9.net - reply : type=A, ips=,

I use windows 10 2004 64bit. 

Any help is appriciated. 

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  • Did you try to uninstall and reinstall the client?

    • Olivier Poitrey Really strange things are happening. When I create this thread, I reinstalled it once (both nextdns and yogadns) and I got the error as described. When I reinstalled it when you commented, it worked fine and both nextDNS and yogaDNS seemed to be working fine. I then restarted my computer and now things don't work anymore. Also, my.nextdns.io is switching between "green: NextDNS setup properly" and "orange: this device uses nextDNS without configuration". At the same time, the tray icon says that I am not connected to the dns. Clicking "enable" there also doesn't work ( enable is always visible. It never shows disconnect. Not even when my.nextdns.io says everything is fine). Also, when I view websites, I see all the ads when the status is in the orange text.

      in YogaDNS, these requests are made. Is that the IP of nextDNS?

      [01.10 14:03:07] www.google.com - request : type=A, server=, program=svchost.exe

    • Olivier Poitrey This morning, nextDNS started successfully without problems. Not sure why it had so many problems yesterday. The only thing is that the nextDNS client on win10 says I am disconnected (the client shows the "enable" button in the tray icon). Clicking enable does nothing. my.nextdns.io on the other hand says I am connected and I also don't see any ads.

  • I noticed today that Windows Defender has flagged NextDNS as malware and removed it from one of my computers, see attached picture. Vincent van Duijnhoven you may want to check in the Windows 10 Security Center if you encountered the same issue.

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