Always connect to Hong Kong server instead of fastest server on iOS devices

Hello, I have noticed despite on my Mac connected to the same WiFi network would connect to the fastest routing via TPE server. On multiple iOS devices I tested NextDNS using either app or profile would always defaults to Hong Kong server despite significantly higher latency. Here is the https://ping.nextdns.io results.

  estnoc-tpe       18 ms

  navico-han       28 ms

  anexia-hkg       35 ms

  vultr-tyo        57 ms

  zepto-tyo        57 ms

  premiumrdp-sel   84 ms

■ zepto-hkg        90 ms  (primary)

  serverwala-kul  103 ms

  premiumrdp-kul  125 ms

■ vultr-sin       133 ms  (secondary)

  zepto-sel       368 ms

Even when connect to cellular that has IPv6 enabled TYO server would still be a much better choice than Hong Kong with averaging more than 30% faster response time. In the past few months TYO server is how my iPhone would route; however, this has also change to (always?) use slower Hong Kong server instead recently.

  estnoc-tpe (IPv4)       31 ms

  navico-han (IPv4)       46 ms

  zepto-tyo (IPv6)        61 ms

  vultr-tyo (IPv4)        70 ms

  zepto-tyo (IPv4)        70 ms

  anexia-hkg (IPv4)       83 ms

  vultr-tyo (IPv6)        99 ms

■ zepto-hkg (IPv4)       100 ms  (primary)

■ zepto-hkg (IPv6)       102 ms  (primary)

  premiumrdp-sel (IPv4)  108 ms

  anexia-hkg (IPv6)      110 ms

  serverwala-kul (IPv4)  126 ms

■ vultr-sin (IPv6)       149 ms  (secondary)

  premiumrdp-kul (IPv4)  283 ms

  zepto-sel (IPv4)       292 ms

■ vultr-sin (IPv4)       350 ms  (secondary)

Since I’m on mobile device I can’t produce log file as the troubleshooting post has suggested. I hope this issue get resolve soon.

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  • Update: Anycast seems to work slightly better compare to a few days ago. At least it no longer only stick to Hong Kong server.

    Also figure out how to run and submitted  2 diagnostic logs (IPv4 only and IPv6 enabled) from my Mac

  • Update 2: Glad to see the new ultra low latency update make iOS devices behave very similar to Mac app.

    With that said the “Secondary” for ultra low and “Primary IPv6” for both ultra low and AnyCast servers choices still seem less optimal

    IPv6 enabled log: https://nextdns.io/diag/b5edb8e0-57d8-11eb-a226-b5065e081ac6

    • Mike H. you are on the best location (tpe). Give it some time, we need more providers in this location.

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