Slowness on Android 13 and iOS 16 (Beta)

I created this post on Reddit yesterday with not much help.  Hoping for something here.


I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing these two issues. But ever since my Pixel 5 got Android 13, things have been rather slow on my home wifi ever since. Looking up something in Chrome, the Google Play Store, Reddit etc.

About a week ago I started having the same problem on my iPhone 13 Pro Max which I am running the iOS 16 Dev beta on.

Same issue, just overall slowness. I rebooted my router and it has made no difference. Desktops and laptops running Windows are fine. Other iPhones in my home running iOS 15 (the current stable build) and all is ok.

I tried removing all filter lists to see if that would help but it did not. Not sure if Apple and Google have changed something in their OS or not but this is quite frustrating.

If I use CloudFlare for DNS the speeds are back to what they always were (super fast) with NextDNS.

I am located in the NE USA if that helps.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • No one else is having this issue?

  • Your running dev ios, that could have issues

      • Trooper
      • Trooper
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      miixms Maybe but others do not have this problem.  Also what about Android 13?

  • iOS 16 is now officially out.  Still unusable.  Nobody else?

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