DNS off line today ?

Hi - 

Everything's been working perfectly for months and suddenly this morning at around 10:20 eastern we lost DNS service. I pointed my router to my ISP ISP (Xfinity) DNS and all is fine ...

Anyone else having issues today ?

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  • I am also having issues. Switched to and everything started working again.

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  • Ditto.  I've been having sporadic issues for a few weeks covered in some other posts. Things were stable for more than a year and the past 4 weeks... I've gone back/forth from NextDNS to QUAD9 on my Merlin router which solves the problem immediately several times.  The family is getting pretty irritated.  :(

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  • To follow up, I have Net Gear ORBI router / mesh wifi. I learned of a bug in their firmware that breaks DNS. I've applied their workaround (disabling the built in network metering) and so far so good.

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  • It seems to be getting worse the past few days:

    zgrep -i "context deadline exceeded" syslog* | awk '{print $1, $2}' | uniq -c | sort -n
          4 syslog.2.gz:Mar 31
         37 syslog.3.gz:Mar 29
         78 syslog.5.gz:Mar 27
        154 syslog:Apr 1
        454 syslog.7.gz:Mar 25
       2259 syslog.1:Mar 31
       2878 syslog.2.gz:Mar 30

    No changes on my end (literally) with all devices running nextdns 1.11.0 software.

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  • Yes I’m having a hard time too.

    Hopefully their support check this board every day but I’m surprised their monitoring system hasn’t warned them yet so they can at least display a service warning in the admin center...

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  • A few NextDNS regions got performance issues earlier today, resulting in longer than normal resolution times for some users. The issue is now fully resolved. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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