Google Maps Issue

It appears that Google has changed the domain structure for Google Maps. It was typically accessible at maps.google.com, but now that redirects to google.com/maps.

NextDNS is breaking many websites for me by incorrectly resolving maps.google.com. NextDNS was resolving it to and maps.google.com would not load at all. Once I added " maps.google.com" to my hosts file, everything works great.

Why is NextDNS breaking Google Maps?

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  • Hello, I think Google moved maps.google.com to google.com/maps, maps.google.com redirects me too (without NextDNS).

    I don’t really know where the issue is actually…

    Also if NextDNS is braking some websites then try to not use lots of bloking lists, check also the logs and see if it’s needed (e.g. googleusercontent.com) domains are blocked.

    I hope I helped someway ;)

    • AlwaysReading The logs don't show any of these sites being blocked. If they were blocked, the sites would not resolve to any address at all.

      For some reason, they are resolving to incorrect addresses and breaking websites


      I do have Google SafeSearch enabled in NextDNS, this may be the issue. I'll try disabling it and see what happens

  • YouTube is now doing something similar

    With NextDNS

    youtube.com ->

    Per Google DIG

    youtube.com ->


    After setting this manual rewrite in NextDNS settings, youtube.com works great

    • Kenny Stier Actually it's quite strange to me NextDNS resolving a wrong IP address :l

      On whatismyipaddress I saw the both IP addresses belongs to Google Cloud btw.

      And about Google Safe Search, NextDNS should respond with the blockpage if you go to a domain that has been flag by Google Safe Search, so it should not be that.

      Mmm I don't really know what to say but if it works then great! :)

  • Youtube (and many other services) are not hosted on 1 IP address. DNS is one of the mechanisms used to load balance users because you can give a different answers to multiple users. Besides that fact that it depends on WHERE the DNS resolver is that is doing the recursive lookup as it will, on many services, give you the IP address that is closest to you(r DNS resolver).

    If you think NextDNS is "blocking" something why don't you create a new profile in NextDNS, configure the app on your device to use this profile and put all the blocking off (uncheck everything). If it works then it might be a blocklist or another configuration option causing this but I personally doubt it.

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