Specify NXDOMAIN instead of

I've recently learned from the pihole users that when you use littlesnitch returning leads to slowdowns. The fix with nextdns right now is to return a html web page which helps, but is there a way to change the DNS result like on the pihole?

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  • There was this possibility to choose, NXDOMAIN and one more choice when NextDNS launched but was later removed. Maybe NextDNS team know why?! 

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  • Also curious about this - I've noticed that some apps which used to fail the ad display immediately on the pihole's NXDOMAIN now spins for 30+ seconds before timing out on nextdns's

    NextDNS team, any chance of bringing back the ability to return NXDOMAIN instead of

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  • I sent Apple feedback about this and they replied it was fixed in macOS 12 beta. I haven't installed the beta yet to check.

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