Slow dns resolution

I'm using NextDNS since 2021 at home.

Recently I have some problem that stop completely the DNS resolution. it's happens in the last week many times every day. 

The connection is ok because I can ping servers like or So I created a lab env. All the computers use NextDNS except one. This computer use cloudflare ( 

When all the other computers stop, the other works without problem.

I've already run the diagnostics tool several times. 

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Luca Zammarchi, that looks complicated.

    Try YogaDNS? Or are you using the NextDNS official app for Windows? Because is buggy.

    I was used to using it but after some days it just stops working, and I had to reinstall it, so I switched to YogaDNS since it's open-source.

    As far as I know, DNS is not used to ping an IP address because you are pinging an IP directly. So when you ping a domain, your device ask the DNS what's the IP address, and then it pings the IP address.

    I hope I helped someway, let me know!

    • Der Auslander in some pc I have admin rights but not in company pc.

      I'd like to use a different solution.


  • Are you using DoT / DoH? Many users have reported sporadic and temporary issues with DoT and DoH with NextDNS. This problem is not related to a specific type of device (happens on Android, Windows, different routers).

    As far as I know NextDNS did not yet respond to any of these reports, a private message from myself was not answered yet.

      • JCVR
      • jcvr
      • 8 mths ago
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      The only "fix" currently is to not use DoT/DoH with NextDNS at all.

      • Gerd Zelo
      • Gerd_Zelo
      • 8 mths ago
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      Yes, I also have problems with DoT, sporadically a domain does not resolve, a reload of the page helps, quite annoying.

      Support-wise the project seems to be dead, set up and forgotten. At least this gives the impression at the moment.

      There are many construction sites in NextDNS, starting with outdated lists ...

      Very sad.

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