How to white list a certain domain from ads blocking

Hello,  Thanks for the great service.

I have a list of domains that i'd like to support and display ads on them.

how to do that? i tried the allowlist and denylist, but it's still not displaying ads.

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  • NextDNS doesn't know the relation between the domain you support and the domain used by the ads on their site. So you need to open the page with network inspector on, see the requested domains (you can do this from NextDNS log too, but it won't show cached domains), and whitelist them. Unfortunately, those domains then are unblocked wherever you're opening the main page (ie, if you whitelist Google ads domain, whether you're opening site A or B, Google ads will always show up). If you want more granular control, whitelist those domains in NextDNS, get a browser-based adblocker, and whitelist the site you want on your browser-based adblocker.

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  • Martheen  the simplest solution is to display the browser's Inspector (it is for debugging web pages, lots of tools, it is not the 'static' source of the page) and in the tab Network, you re-load the page and you'll see all network connections.

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