Nextdns-cli: Ability to change min-cache-ttl to custom values accounted by stub-cache

As I would definetely be able to lower the upstream dns-lookups, I'd like to be able to raise the min-cache-ttl that is accounted by the stub-cache to decide wether or not to make a new to request to upstream-server or serving from cache. I do not want to let the clients decide when TTL is over, as some do not care anyway.

I understand the risks of doing this (and all of the side-effects), and would like this feature to be made able for premium-users to further reduce the monstrous amount of requests that are taking place.

Right now the Nextdns-cli cache obeys every upstream TTL of a min-cache with  a manual forced maximum of six minutes. I'd like to to experiment with much more cache-time!


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  • can we increase the TTL to more than 6 minutes?

  • This is already implemented. Settings > Cache Boost.

  • NextDNS  The cache Boost does it set the dns cache on client-side? Also what is the interval now? I want to minimize dns request to nextdns ,example for 1 month client should not send request to nextdns?

    • ritik it is setting a minimum limit on record TTL to maximize client cache for dynamic records. You can’t set it to high otherwise things will start to break. One month TTL on a dynamic record may lead to unreachable domains and most clients wouldn’t keep a record in their cache for so long anyway.

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  • Why not let the user experiment with this? I have another DNS-server sitting behind the nextdns-cli, that is doing manually caching of 3600s of age and there is nothing breaking whatsoever. One month though seems to be foolish....

    What I understand that it should be only available to paying customers....

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