What is "default" in result of API endpoint analytics/status?

In the "data" of the response for the API endpoint "analytics/status", there is a "status" of "default". The other two are "blocked" and "allowed". I think I understand "blocked" and "allowed" (the number of queries blocked or allowed). But I don't know what "default" means. The value is MUCH bigger (more than just the sum) of "blocked" and "allowed". 

Could anyone describe what the "default" status means (line 4 below)?

  "data": [
      "status": "default",
      "queries": 30097
      "status": "blocked",
      "queries": 3233
      "status": "allowed",
      "queries": 579
  "meta": {
    "pagination": {
      "cursor": null
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  • Just a guess: blocked and allowed were in your blocked and allowed lists, and default is everything else (which might be blocked or allowed from any of the options you configured)

    if so, blocked + allowed + default = all queries 

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