Edgerouter - When WAN disconnected - nextDNS CPU maxes out

If I have an Arris modem reboot and it takes 3 min to boot and then 4-5 min wait for DHCP request from the ERPoe-5, so approx 6 to 8 min passes and during this time the nextDNS cpu usage keeps climbing during the outage and maxes out once WAN DHCP established.  While it always becomes high after WAN restore, it is usually a few seconds, but in the above example it may not recover as whatever it is doing is something that the cpu on an ERPoE-5 doesn't seem to be able to catch up with - at least in 5 min.  I've found that lowering the timeout to 1 sec and the cache to 2MB helps prevent this most of the time.

Is there a setting I may be missing to prevent the cpu climbing if nextDNS can not reach its servers.

So far my work around was to shorten the DHCP 300 second wait by setting the retry=30 seconds so the 8 min is now 2:30 to 3 min.  But not sure what will happen if Comcast take the network down for an extending time for maintenance.

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  • In case it is helpful, I resolved my issue on my ERPoE-5 by setting the following:

    max-inflight-requests 64
    cache-size 4MB
    timeout 2s

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