How to setup IPv6 reverse forwarder

I can't find how this works. Concise and to the point to keep it clear and readable:

  • I run nextdns on OPNsense.
  • unbound runs on port 5353
  • nextdns processes all dns requests.
  • Nextdns forwards public ranges to Nextdns DNS servers
  • Nextdns sends internal networks to (unbound).
  • All DHCP leases are registered in Unbound.
  • I have many host aliases defined for containers and local running services.
  • I have IPv6 setup with local LANS / VLANS setup with /64 subnets and unique prefix ID's.
  • Nextdns responds to forward DNS requests on IPv6, but reverse does not work.

I have been playing with a forwarder for ipv6 in nextdns.conf. It looks like this (prefix is made up in the example):


I tried variants with:


Reverse lookups are not working.

Can someone help me getting that up and running please?


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    • Pipo_de_Clown
    • 7 mths ago
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    When I directly query unbound reverse works fine. Its nextdns not forwarding so something with that config is not right.

    I read somewhere that for bind9 it needs to include all the zeros so I changed the line to:


    Since I can send an AAAA query with dig to an IPv4 address I suppose should work for Nextdns to forward to as well.

    Still not working.


    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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