Help to setup NextDNS on Home Router

Hi, is there a workaround to make my home router cover all of devices in the house with NextDNS without configuring the Private DNS?
Because I already tried to input the DNS on my home router, but when I turn OFF the Private DNS on my phone it says that my phone is not covered with NextDNS, but when I turn ON it is covered.
Is it not enough just to put the DNS on router to cover whole home devices?

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    If your IP address changes regularly, it's essential to establish a reliable connection between your router and services like NextDNS. This ensures that NextDNS accurately identifies you as the account holder, allowing for appropriate filtering of DNS requests to all devices connected to it. Follow these steps to link your router's IP address automatically to your NextDNS account each time it changes:

    1. Create a Dynamic DNS hostname:
    Register for a complimentary Dynamic DNS service, such as noipDOTcom. Utilize their platform to generate a unique hostname that will serve as a constant reference point for your changing IP address.

    2. Configure DDNS settings on your router:
    Access your router's administrative interface and navigate to the DDNS settings section. Here, input the hostname generated in step 1. Additionally, provide your Dynamic DNS service credentials to enable the router to update DNS records as your IP address fluctuates.

    By implementing these steps, your router will maintain an updated association with the Dynamic DNS service, ensuring that NextDNS accurately identifies your IP address. This seamless integration facilitates proper filtration and monitoring of DNS requests from your network, thereby enhancing security and content filtering capabilities.

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    There seem to be a lot of pertinent details missing here.

    What router do you have? What OS?

    What phone are you testing with?

    "Is it not enough just to put the DNS on router to cover whole home devices?"
    Yes, that can and does work, but definitely depends on how you configure your network gear. Help us help you by giving some more details. Thanks!

      • Aris.1
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       Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your responses

      Router : Ruijie EW1200G Pro router

      Phone : Pixel 3, Iphone XR (both have Private DNS feature) and few older devices that have wifi function but no Private DNS feature


      On the router, I already input the DNS IP, on the WAN and Local DNS, but it still required me to input the Next DNS to the Private DNS to make the NextDNS works

      If I set the Private DNS to OFF, it says that I didnt connected to NextDNS

      If I set to Automatic, it says connected but with No Profile

      And if I set to ON with the NextDNS profile adress (TLC), then it works

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