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I've been having trouble recently with latency and some sites loading the European version of their site. I ran a ping and I suspect NextDNS is the source of my issues. Not only is it using one of the worst servers for ping times, but it's using one that is somewhere in Europe. (At least I think, I'm not fully sure what EWR stands for.)

Is there any way to set/change which server it's using? 

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       Hmm. I guess I was wrong about the country thing. It still doesn't explain why it's using one of the servers with the worst response times available.

    • noone.1
    • 2 wk ago
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    I'd still like an answer to this. I've done some more troubleshooting and it's definitely a NextDNS issue. If I switch back to using my default/ISP's DNS, both of my issues disappear.

    The main site I'm having issues with is www.carfax.com. Whenever I go to the site, it auto redirects to carfax.eu. Every once in a while it will load the US Carfax main page, but as soon as I click on anything I'm whisked over to the European Union. It makes car shopping very inconvenient.

    I like the rest of the features NextDNS provides, but if I can't get the lag/delay/slowdowns and site rerouting issues resolved, I'll be forced to cancel my subscription. 

    • NextDNs
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    Please provide a https://nextdns.io/diag

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