Using Rewrites to workaround Routing Latency Issues?

I am aware of the nextdns.io/diag function.

I am only curious on how sensible would it be for me to workaround the routing issues by using the rewrite function found in settings?

Using ping.nextdns.io, I notice it is always the Secondary resolver which is routed properly to my location as compared to the Primary resolver.

Just to double check, I did ping on my PC to see which resolver is giving a low latency, in this case (instead of

So instead what I did was to rewrite;

It seems to workaround and solve the routing issues on my end, but I am wondering what could the implications be, by doing this?


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    I also notice the secondary (.30) has lower latency compared to the primary (.28)


    It's considerably different, where the primary is in the 100's of ms and the secondary is 5-8ms.


    I've configured my devices to use the .30 as the primary but would also like to know if there is any disadvantage to doing this

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