Automatically disable NextDNS on certain WiFi networks

My school WiFi doesn't mix nicely with DNS servers, so it doesn't let me use the WiFi when connected to NextDNS. Of course, this can be solved by disabling NextDNS temporarily in my Settings app, but it means I have to repeat the process every time, which gets annoying. Hence, I'd like a way to make NextDNS stop whenever connected to said network and start again when connected to others. Perhaps this could be implemented with the command-line tool for my Mac (not that I know of), but I don't think I can do it on my Samsung phone.

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  • Does this happen only on your Phone using Private DNS or does it happen on Mac as well.

    Wanted to ask this since MacOS uses DoH and should work fine and if that's the case using the NextDNS app on your Android phone should fix it as it uses DoH. 

    • Hey Unfortunately, I do not know what DoH is, but my Mac does seem able to connect to NextDNS on the school network, so I assume you are right. Yet, the Android app does not seem to work. It does seem to disconnect whenever it isn't possible to connect to private DNS, so I guess it works in a way? I wish the Android app would have toggleable widgets and notifications, though (there is a notification that shows whether the app is working, but it's not possible to toggle from there).

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      Just A Server Private DNS uses DoT and uses a specific port so it's blocked easily. Using the Android app alone should fix that issue.

      Also it's not something to do with NextDNS, Google needs to add DoH and they still didn't on Android 13 so it's sad on that part.

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