NextDNS does not work on Android 8.1 (/e/ OS)

I installed the NextDNS app on my Android 8.1 (/e/ OS) phone, opened the app, and activated the service. There is an icon showing that it is running in the background, along with the VPN icon (I am not running any other VPNs).

However, if I go to the browser on my phone, and go to a web site that tells me what DNS server I am using, it lists my previous DNS server (which was Cloudflare). I restarted my phone, but this did not change the the DNS, even though the NextDNS app automatically started after I restarted.

Could you let me know if there is a way to "reset" the DNS while the phone is running? Note that I am using /e/ OS, which is a degoogled operating system: It is possible that this is a problem with /e/ OS, and if you could confirm this, I will open an issue with them.

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  • This sound like a problem with /e/

    They need stop using outdated code as with Android 9 "private DNS" was included which is what you are looking for.

    Android 8/ 8.1 was released in August 2017. Latest Android is 11 while 12 is already nearly finish.

  • It's possible that I am misunderstanding what the NextDNS app does. From the setup guide, I got the impression that (1) you use the private dns field for Android 9+, and (2) for Android 8 you use the NextDNS app as a fall back option.

    If NextDNS doesn't support Android 8, that is fine. If on the other hand, NextDNS does support Android 8, and the problem is with /e/, I will open an issue with them!

    • Tom Jones the app should work with Android 8.

      Report the error to /e/

  • Is this happening regardless of network (wifi and cellular)? Or is it only happening on a certain network?

     It seems their how-to guide is only for Android 9+

    ^ https://community.e.foundation/t/howto-setup-nextdns-if-you-want-add-tracker-blocking-vpn/19335/3

  • You might have to use 3rd party DNS apps and set the NextDNS servers as your custom DNS servers if you're not able to set customized DNS natively on your android device using static ip or via the 1st party NextDNS app. Some users have used

    Intra (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.intra)


    Nebulo (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frostnerd.smokescreen)

    as the 3rd party DNS apps

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