Identify and name devices behind router?

I have just set up NextDNS on my laptop and on my router (a Fritzbox). I have many devices in my home network, many of which I cannot or will not install the NextDNS app or config. Still, I would like to identify all devices in my network that make requests via the router. Currently, I just see the n name of my router in the logs or a MAC address.

Is there any way to identify and name (and then filter by) the devices with no NextDNS config/app that make their request via the router? Basically a mapping from MAC address to a device name that is then available in the list of known devices?

And if such a list of mappings from MAC to a device name could be imported from a Fritzbox (or a CVS or a text file) somehow, that would be super cool.

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    • olivier
    • 3 yrs ago
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    This is what our CLI does among other things: https://nextdns.io/cli

    Unfortunately it won’t run on a Fritzbox. Your only luck is to run the cli on a side server like a raspberry pi, and configure the LAN DHCP of the Fritzbox to point on the IP of the rpi.

    • Martin.1
    • 1 yr ago
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    Will this cli install work on a Netgate pfSense box and on QNAP NAS boxes?

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