Should I block sites I like?

I think I'm like a lot of people in that while, sure, I want to maintain my "privacy" (such as it is), I don't want to block the telemetry data that helps make the products that I DO use better.  I'm OK blocking the companies that I don't like (Google, etc.) and the ones I don't even use (Facebook, etc.) but I wonder if blocking companies that I actually use makes sense.  I'm thinking of Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Sonos, etc..  These are brands that I use and I want to support their ability to deliver me the best possible experience with relevant metrics.  That said, I DON'T want to participate in or enable invasive tracking.  What should I do?  Right now, I use OISD and whitelist the companies I use.

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  • It's your choice honestly, some people want more some like less tracking. It shouldn't really help them give you a better experience. The data is mainly to study user behavior, product reviews and such already give them the required feedback that they need for making new products. 

  • You can’t fully disable tracking with lists. Tracking is done via server side since years. 
    so blocking will only end in unique fingerprint which is the opposite of better privacy. 

  • I'm similar to you. I just aim to block malware and malvertising.

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