How can I choose my blocklists?

When I first installed NextDNS, a screen popped up asking me to choose my blocklists. I want to edit my choices, so how can I get back to that screen?

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  • Go to, my.nextdns.io and login to your account, go to the Privacy tab and you can press the X on the left hand of the filters to delete them you can also remove or add filters by pressing the "Add A BLOCKLIST" button I would also advise you to go to the Security tab while you are there to enable NRD (Neely Registered Domains) and AI-Threat protection at least, they help a lot with new Malware and Advertising sites. I personally enable everything in the Security tab and Bypass Methods / Safe Search in Parental controls altho Bypass Methods blocking blocks VPNs etc but it can also block Apps that try bypassing NextDNS by using a different DNS service.

    • Hey I was able to configre my list, thank you!

  • There is also options in the Settings tab 

    Anonymized EDNS Client Subnet

    Cache Boost

    CNAME Flattening

    You can enable these, I personally enable all of them and you can read the descriptions to understand what they are useful for, basically you can use this page not only to add or remove filters but to get even more security or faster browsing, there is also your personal Allowlist and Blocklist that you can use to optimize the filters to your linking. 

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