Anycast picking high latency server in another country

Hello, I set up Next Dns through my router. I set up  the IPv4 address and IPv6 address according to instructions. I am in Charlotte NC. However, when I did a DNS leak test it shows a server in Dublin Ireland! Last week it chose Turkey.  Here are the diagnostics.


Well, based on the logs it looks like the primary IPv6 address zepto-dub  has high latency 91ms  but the secondary  anexia-atl has 19ms latency.

So, I made the secondary address the primary and the primary the secondary and DNS leak now shows the address at Atlanta 19ms  instead of Ireland  91ms.

Not sure why primary would pick higher latency in another country but secondary is lower latency. I think they are reversed.

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  • Having similar issue in South America... sending me over to Italy. Primary is at 250ms! and secondary at 80ms (much better).

    However, if I try CF... 40ms and GG... also 40ms.

    Curiously, with another ISP (not in my location) I do get 40ms with nextdns.

    Wondering who should I contact about the routing? My ISP or NxDNS?

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