NextDNS Poor Performance Issues+

NextDNS is running intermittently then zero internet access or extreme crawling. Firewall is running fine and is doing it's job. Nothing but endless browsers attempts, then timeouts and/or endless waiting for time-outs. Feels like DDoS on the line (firewall shows nothing out of the ordinary) but I can't log into NextDNS because the 2FA will not load. Endless spinning wheels all around. NextDNS has been going down a lot for me lately. Switching out to another DNS (unbound) provider is the only way to test DNS overall and it was fine.


"status": "ok",
"protocol": "DOT",
"profile": "XXXXX",
"client": "XXXX",
"srcIP": "XXXX",
"destIP": "",
"anycast": true,
"server": "vultr-yto-1",
"clientName": "unknown-dot"
{"locationName": "???? Toronto, Canada", "pop": "vultr-yto", "rtt": XXXX}


  vultr-chi       36 ms
  anexia-chi      39 ms  (anycast2)
¦ vultr-yto       40 ms  (anycast1, ultralow2)
  zepto-ymq       44 ms
  anexia-yvr      44 ms
  ovh-ymq         46 ms
  anexia-yto      47 ms  (ultralow1)
  cacloud-yvr     48 ms
  smarthost-den   53 ms
  anexia-den     101 ms

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  • Works fine on me, including login with 2FA.

    ■ edis-buh          0 ms  (ultralow2)

      zepto-sof         8 ms

      anexia-buh        8 ms  (ultralow1)

      premiumrdp-ist   16 ms

      edis-kiv         17 ms

      anexia-sof       23 ms

      anexia-vie       25 ms  (anycast2)

      edis-skp         43 ms

      edgeuno-ist      44 ms

      mvps-ath         47 ms

      zepto-sto        53 ms  (anycast1)

      edis-ath         74 ms

    "status": "ok",
    "protocol": "DOT",
    "profile": "",
    "client": "",
    "srcIP": "",
    "destIP": "",
    "anycast": false,
    "server": "edis-buh-1",
    "clientName": "unknown-dot",
  • I think the connection issues are only happening for some. I can't even get to NextDNS landing page now.  We are currently working from home with massive deadlines and the VPNs are disconnecting and all in the middle of meetings.

    Anyway, I switched out to another DNS provider. Hopefully in a few days these issues get revolved.  There are various posts around, including Reddit, about the NextDNS latency, etc. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.


    Iosnad, I see that where/what you are connected is "0" which means you have no latency. Which is why you can connect fine.  Anything above 25 is considered high. Pinging gets real bazaar after that. I'm in the mid-30s to high-40s which is why my connections are broken or just not there.

    My ISP info: 

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