Chrome performance issues, Safari super fast

I am seeing 2 completely opposite behaviors. Since I started using NextDNS (Pro), I have played with various configuration - it is now enabled at my router's level + macOS Big Sur profile. Safari is blazing fast and blocking as expected. Chrome seems to be completely struggling with page load times falling, initial page taking several seconds to display. Looking at the network tab of dev tools, it's "queuing" and "stalling" consistently, every time it tries to load a blocked script or image - which seems to pause the loading timeline for ~ 2 to 6s. Any experience with that? Do I have a wrong flag / setting? 

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  • I had the same issue, Safari works great, every other browser dies.  Are you on Big Sur?  It seems to be connected to chrome (and any variant) try and resolves  If you you switch NextDNS to return its "Block Page" the issue goes away (you can do this in the settings page).  Of course that then introduces cert errors every so often. 

  • There is also another thread on this here . At one point the person mentions Little Snitch may be playing into the problem.  I have Little Snitch as well, so it may be at play.  I plan to uninstall and revert to resolving to to see if the problem goes away.  Will report back.

  • So I uninstalled Little Snitch and reset NextDNS to once again use instead of the "Block Page" and it worked without any issues. Chrome is now just as fast as Safari.  

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