Best routers for NextDNS

I am on the market for a new Wi-Fi router and my main criterion is to use it “to provide the best NextDNS experience to my entire network” by means of the NextDNS CLI. I would like to bother the support team as little as possible while setting it up. What router should I get?

Feel free to point me to specific models (preferably available for sale at Amazon.com) or just provide me with general specifications.

Thank you in advance!

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  • I think you can buy any router that take custom firmware like https://www.asuswrt-merlin.net/, https://dd-wrt.com/site/, https://openwrt.org/downloads or If you already have a router and not able to run NextDNSCLI then I will recommended get raspberry Pi, Install any Linux and install NEXTDNSCLI and ran as DNS server. Hope I answer your question. Thank you.

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  • An alternative that I use is to setup a pfSense firewall with the NextDNS CLI under the hood (don't run the native pfSense DNS resolver or forwarder). Then you can use any WiFi router which will be connected to the pfSense gateway.

  • Thank both for your replies. I should have stressed that I would like to have as little trouble as possible — since I am willing to spend money on a new piece of equipment, the least I expect is to put minimum effort into this. Hence, Raspberry Pi and pfSense are out of the question here. Is there anything simpler, preferably with the required router firmware already installed (I would still have to install the NextDNS CLI myself, of course)?

  • You'll need something you can

    a) FORCE dns so your clients dont circumvent the protection and put say into their pc

    b) install additional ad blocking for those really busy sites, if you want to reclaim bandwidth and kill it at the router opposed to dns level when its already used your bandwidth and gone out the building.


    I started by having my own local dns filter to do the majority and saw the queries on NEXTDNS go down by 80%.    I used a free product, NXfilter, it is like an offline nextdns (in fact it has similar features such as blocklists)


    I have since just run an app on my router called addblock and listed the top talkers on there so theyre killed at the router level and done away with the dns filter as it was too slow (im running on a wireless lan so not ideal).


    very easy to administer and set it/forget it. I just pop in every now and then and add a new url thats over chatty on nextdns to the router

    I use a router with an Open WRT firmware, there are hundreds

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      who You are the only one who actually answered my question. Thank you so much.

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  • https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mv1000/

    I use one with eeros in bridge mode.  NextDNS is as easy as choosing it it a drop down setting box. 

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  • I use the Ubiquiti Edgerouter X along with the UAP-AC-LITE with NextDNS via CLI.  Not as finicky as pfSense.  It has been rock solid for the past year and you can also easily segment all of those Internet of insecure things on a separate firewalled network if desired.

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      Mark Collins Hello Mark, I have same setup at home, I installed via CLI as stated in the GitHub page service installed successfully, status is showing that its running but still not directing to NextDNS.

      I tried manually changing DNS but it showing that filtering without configuration.

      Can you please guide me what made it work for you.


  • unifi dream machine pro ( cli nextdns) + unifi wifi access point = perfect 

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  • Easiest Router for Setup i found is the Synology RT2600ac.  It's as easy as entering your id and clicking ok.

  • My ip stayed the same.  But the router has a built in vpn interface.  You can use the login information for the vpn you prefer and have that change the ip.  I had to disable nextdns first as it was blocking the vpn.  Setup vpn and then turned nextdns back on.  The ip changed but the dns went to nextdns.  So works perfectly.

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