Option to duplicate a configuration

It would be nice if there were a way to duplicate a config, say if I have a config for my son and I want to copy it for my wife with all the same Security & Privacy settings.

Or to have "global" options that apply to all configs.    

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  • Either global or duplicate configurations would be a huge help.  馃憤

  • this is a great idea!

  • Same here, upvote

    I want to copy my setup for older family members (uncles/aunts) not in the same house hold.

    So an export/import function of settings would be nice. 

    Good idea

  • +1

  • There should be a quick way to either create a 'Master' List or even a 'Duplicate' list so when we manage to fine-tune the settings such as the DNS specific Blocklists, Native Tracking, Deny & Allow lists, etc., ew can 'Duplicate' or Create from Master list, all settings apart from the Endpoint ID & Linked IP's are similar. For example, we may have 100+ DenyList entries, which would take a long time to manually copy into a new list. 

  • I would encourage everyone looking for import/export functionality to try out NX Enhanced; it is a community-made browser extension that lets you import/export configs, add notes to allow and deny items, and allow/deny straight from the logs. It's really a great add-on and increases the functionality of NextDNS.  More info and app store links are here: hjk789/NXEnhanced: Adds "quality-of-life" features to NextDNS website for a more practical usability (github.com)

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    For real!

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