NextDNS incorrectly says private relay DNS is being used (minor UI bug)

This is just a minor UI bug in the configuration page. I have private relay enabled and installed the DoH profile. The blocking still works and I can see the domains in the logs but the config page incorrectly states NextDNS is not being used when in fact it’s working just as intended

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  • Pretty sure there is something do with Apple and an old bug they have where it uses both the DNS resolvers where NextDNS works but doesn't show up on any DNS test pages or on their page. You should do a simple DNS Leak test as well and if it also shows Private Relay then yeah its the same bug. This is from my knowledge on Apples end so NextDNS can't do much.

    • Hey does this mean all the Akamai domains are private relay ?

  • I have done more testing and turns out safari is a PITA. 
    safari has dns leaks whereas chrome only uses next dns and this problem doesn’t occur there

  • I‘ve noticed the same issue. I‘m using PR and nextDNS via the app and it constantly alternates between „all good“ and „using private relay“

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