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can we have a Server status page? with all the servers and their Uptime% ?

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  • Adding to this Idea

    It can be similar to what Quad9 has done at;

    Statuses available there are

    • Online
    • Bypass
    • Maintenance
    • Degraded
    • Coming Soon
    • Unknown

    This status page should also be available to access via IP address if the DNS server were to be down and inaccessible for a user.

    It should be similarly 'advertised' to the user like what OpenDNS/Umbrella has done

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  • Yes, services lately to the DNS has been subpar according to my own status monitor. We need more transparency with what we're paying for.

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    Adam Carlin said:
    We need more transparency with what we're paying for.

     Amen to that.  I am paying for this personally and I really want to recommend this to my company but there have just been too many outages with zero accountability  :-(

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  • I’m having issues right now and was searching for such a status page. All I found was this thread 🙄

  • It would really be a useful thing

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  • Yes, a status page would be good.

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  • Like loh said, https://status.quad9.net/smap is an awesome example of what could be done. 

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  • Another vote for the status page. Quad9 example is great showing enough detail to please most of us. I remember when OpenDNS (pre Cisco era) would show the total global requests they were handling. That was great.

  • We really need something like this. Lately I'm having problems with my network, WAN seems to be up but I can't get anything to load. A few seconds later everything is okay again. Having a status page would let me know if the service is experiencing any problems.

  • I agree with this suggestion.

    In case it helps anyone, there's a good external status record here: https://www.dnsperf.com/dns-resolver/nextdns

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  • This shouldn't have to be asked for as a feature request. Something mission critical like a DNS provider should have a status page. 

    I had DNS issues and it would have been great to get an email notice instead of manually figuring out that temporarily switching providers resolved issues.

    I searched and this thread came up.

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  • Hey NextDNS team, there are some open-source options: https://github.com/topics/statuspage

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  • I love nextdns, but HOT TAKE:

    Having a status page for a core internet service should  probably be a pre-requisite before starting to charge customers / enterprises? 🤷🏽

  • We will add a status page eventually, but unlike most services, a DNS service works differently: due to the highly distributed nature and the automatic re-routing of the DNS queries to other PoPs, unless there is a global outage, which never happened to us so far (knock on wood), knowing that a given PoP somewhere is degraded won't give you much insight.

    With almost 300 PoPs (2 PoPs per location), there is always a PoP somewhere in the world in a degraded state, with traffic rerouted to the secondary PoP on the same location and/or PoPs next to them. Our system handle that automatically so there is no perceived user impact. 

    99% of the issues reported here are due to BGP routing, which only affect a single location for a given provider, which is why we always have two different paths for each location to mitigate such issue. For those problems unfortunately, a status page won't be of any help and might even be confusing. Those problems are also harder to solve, as we don't always have a good way to fix them. Note that those issues are mostly impacting BGP (anycast), our "ultralow" steering is much much more stable and efficient, which is why we are recommending it when it is possible.

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