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can we have a Server status page? with all the servers and their Uptime% ?

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    • Loh
    • Loh
    • 1 yr ago
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    Adding to this Idea

    It can be similar to what Quad9 has done at;

    Statuses available there are

    • Online
    • Bypass
    • Maintenance
    • Degraded
    • Coming Soon
    • Unknown

    This status page should also be available to access via IP address if the DNS server were to be down and inaccessible for a user.

    It should be similarly 'advertised' to the user like what OpenDNS/Umbrella has done

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  • Yes, services lately to the DNS has been subpar according to my own status monitor. We need more transparency with what we're paying for.

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    • Dan
    • Dan.2
    • 1 yr ago
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    Adam Carlin said:
    We need more transparency with what we're paying for.

     Amen to that.  I am paying for this personally and I really want to recommend this to my company but there have just been too many outages with zero accountability  :-(

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  • I’m having issues right now and was searching for such a status page. All I found was this thread 🙄

  • It would really be a useful thing

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  • Yes, a status page would be good.

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  • Like loh said, https://status.quad9.net/smap is an awesome example of what could be done. 

  • Another vote for the status page. Quad9 example is great showing enough detail to please most of us. I remember when OpenDNS (pre Cisco era) would show the total global requests they were handling. That was great.

  • We really need something like this. Lately I'm having problems with my network, WAN seems to be up but I can't get anything to load. A few seconds later everything is okay again. Having a status page would let me know if the service is experiencing any problems.

  • I agree with this suggestion.

    In case it helps anyone, there's a good external status record here: https://www.dnsperf.com/dns-resolver/nextdns

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  • This shouldn't have to be asked for as a feature request. Something mission critical like a DNS provider should have a status page. 

    I had DNS issues and it would have been great to get an email notice instead of manually figuring out that temporarily switching providers resolved issues.

    I searched and this thread came up.

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  • Hey NextDNS team, there are some open-source options: https://github.com/topics/statuspage

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