iPhone name with nextdns on Asus Merlin


I have configured nextdns on Asus with merlin firmware on it. It works flawlessly except the fact that I see device name "*" for all the traffic happens on iPhone. When I visit test.nextdns.io, I get the following response (hiding IP and other sensitive information as x).

"status": "ok",
"protocol": "DOH",
"profile": "<hidden>",
"client": "<hidden>",
"srcIP": "<hidden>",
"destIP": "<hidden>",
"anycast": false,
"server": "vultr-ams-1",
"clientName": "nextdns-cli",
"deviceName": "*",
"deviceID": "<hidden>",
"deviceIP": "",
"deviceModel": "<hidden>"

I think I can install a custom profile on my iPhone to resolve this but is there any way to resolve it without having to tinker with the device? I prefer all the configurations on my router instead. 

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