problem with next DNS

all of a sudden Roblox isn't working. i am using google dns now and everything is ok. I reviewed the logs files from nextDNS and no DNS from roblox and rbx is blocked. Please fix before i remove my subscription from you

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  • You need provide more info. 
    which domains exactly are blocked? What lists did you use?

    did you contact the list maintainer? As NextDNS use only external lists 

    • DynamicNotSlow no nothing is blocked. Roblox just wont connect when I use my nextdns 

  • just want to give an update. this is working fine now. We're back! Thank you team!

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      • SLCW
      • 12 days ago
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      Mark Celino R. Miranda What was the solution? 

    • SLCW I think one of the built in nextdns security or privacy blocklist got updated and it fixed itself, I do turn on every security settings nextdns have to offer and every privacy blocklists, but even so, roblox work fine, that makes my reason of why it fixed itself stand out more.

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