NextDNS not returning for blocklist "A" lookups

I am running Unbound on OPNSense forwarding to NextDNS using DoT. When I enable a Blocklist (Oisd for example) and select no block page, A lookups return a "not found" instead of "". AAAA lookups do return "::" as expected. If I enable the block page, A lookups return the NextDNS page as expected. The "not found" results causes apps/devices to repeatedly perform lookups as compared to getting the desired result. 

Until I can get the A lookups to return for blocklists, I am forced to continue to use the local blocklist functionality in Unbound. Is this expected behavior or do I have something misconfigured in Unbound? If this is expected, why isn't working as it described?

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  • I figured out the problem. I had to disable the OPNSense DNS rebinding protection option which added all the private domains including to the Unbound config file.

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