Allowlist/Denylist configured improperly

when adding domains and trying to permit or deny all subdomains
example.com is the domain and when it is added to rules

it should read example.com* to allow all subdomains but instead it reads *.example.com which allows all protocols on a domain and no subdomains.

Are you sure you meant for this to be coded this way on your website? Please help me understand how to block pages and allow pages to not be blocked by rules

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  • It sounds like you don't like how it's written or displayed aesthetically. Allowing a domain, automatically includes it's subdomains and vice versa for denying a domain. However the wildcard logic with the preceding period/asterisk is so you still have the option to block/whitelist a specific domain without it applying to the entire root domain unnecessarily

    Ex, I have whitelisted the specific googleads.g.doubleclick.net domain because I play mobile games that serve ad rewards through that particular domain but I didn't want the whitelist applied to the rest of the doubleclick.net root domain cause alot of general Google ads come from it. Whitelisting the root doubleclick.net domain would allow all Google ads originating from the same root domain

  • thank you it automatically does the ending asterisk

    still couldn't get it to unblock a site but thank you for clearing it up

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      • nisten
      • 1 mth ago
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      Jeremy Krueger the ending asterisk? what site are you having trouble unblocking? Also, what is the block reason(s) for the site in question?

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