NextDNS does not resolve mail.google.com

Hi, I'm again having problems with the Gmail website on my Mac behind a FRITZ!Box router.

NextDNS does not resolve mail.google.com, while all other Google domains/services (search, maps, drive) work fine. Gmail via the macOS mail client works fine as well.

It has to be a NextDNS problem, because it disappears when I use another DNS on the Mac. 

On the other hand, there is nothing negative showing up in the NextDNS logs regarding mail.google.com. The last successful resolve was four hours ago, no blocked requests show up, but also no new requests (which is strange).

The router (and maybe its own DNS cache) seems not to be the problem, other machines using identical NextDNS settings (not the same configuration profile, but identical settings within their configuration profiles) work fine.

I tested, if some other caches might be a problem, by specifically blocking an URL in NextDNS and later unblocking it again. After not working for a while, it was resolved again at a later stage, maybe 10 minutes later. So only NextDNS has an influence.

I of course flushed the DNS cache on the Mac, rebooted it etc.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Which filterlists did you use?

    • DynamicNotSlow I'm using 

      • NextDNS Anzeigen & Tracker Blockliste
      • NSABlocklist
      • EasyList Germany

      But I have the same lists on other devices and there it is no problem. Also, if one of those lists would block something, it should show up in the log files. But the log files do not show anything blocked regarding Google Mail.

      Maybe I'm not understanding something here? 🙂 Thanks!

    • DynamicNotSlow I deleted the config and I'm using a new one with default settings, now Gmail works. I'll start slowly adding filters now. Super strange. Why did it not show up in the logs?

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      • DynamicNotSlow
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      • DynamicNotSlow
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      Markus Schneider NSABlocklist will break stuff as it's EoL and nonsense anyway.

      Easy list also include false positives too and aren't helpful at fixing such.

      Default NextDNS use sadly Steven black which have a lot false positive.


      My recommendation is using only OISD list.

    • DynamicNotSlow If the NextDNS default has many false positives, this is of course completely unacceptable. For many people the default is all they will ever use 🙄

      Thanks for the tip, I will try OISD and only use this list for the time being 👍

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