NextDNS app on iOS using VPN no longer works

Now, on my devices running iOS 13.7, the nextdns app no longer works. This error appears with the iOS version that uses VPN, and devices from iOS 14 and later (without using VPN) still work normally.

I still use the old iOS 13 rather than upgrading to higher iOS, because they drain the battery and slow down the device.

Hope the dev will fix it! Most of the users are still using older iOS than want to upgrade to a higher version. Thank you!

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    BigDargon said:
    Most of the users are still using older iOS than want to upgrade to a higher version.

    That seems to contradict with Apple’s numbers:


    What’s your source for this statement?

      • BigDargon
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      Rob Apple's figures encourage users to upgrade to higher iOS.  Apple has been sued and lost in the past for performance loss in higher iOS upgrades, you can check it out.

      Some users stay on the low iOS version to jailbreak, others stay because the new features slow down and drain the battery.

      • R_P_M
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      There is very little benefit for older devices to update iOS to the latest version (assuming that is available, as all the 32 bit devices do not). The vast majority of new features are simply  not available. 

      Anyway, this talk about Apple is a bit off topic.

      It seems that all devices running the local vpn are failing, possibly because of the recent certificate issues and using a custom certification system for the iOS app. That part probably needs to be updated, either to be less strict or be more compatible with alternative certification setups. 

      • BigDargon
      • 1 yr ago
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      R P M For now, I've been temporarily using DoH on the Adguard Pro app for older iOS devices that use VPN.  Adguard Pro app is paid and not everyone bought it like me.  
      Anyway, I hope the dev will fix it in the future!

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