IPV6 on or off?

Do you guys have IPV6 on or off in your router settings. And why?

Setting up my router soon and I had IPV6 off last time

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    turning it off doesn’t add any advantages but disadvantages

  • ON, with the note that there are still old fashioned providers that DO NOT support IPv6. You should leave yours if they don't.

  • IPv6 off on my router, otherwise my Google Assistant devices don't work properly, even though my connections are only IPv4.    

  • Depends... My ISP only support "IPv6 6rd" today and not native IPv6, so everything becomes slower with higher latency since all traffic goes through a special bridge. I also feel like I have more control when using IPv4 with my current firewall/IP-blocklists/filtering solutions.

    Also think about that IPv6 don't use NAT, so all your devices gets a public IP and are visible to the Internet. My Google/Nest speakers also got funky as mentioned above with IPv6 for me (could be related to mDNS/multicast).

    I don't turn on stuff if I don't really need it and everything works great, but that's my approach. :-) Do some speed/latency-tests to see if you benefit from using it...

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