Dark mode for app

the app should change to a dark background in the evening and revert to a light background in the morning, all automatically (have a setting to enable it in the settings if you really want to add another toggle setting...).

i included a pic of the microsoft edge browser, it has dark mode enabled, nextdns should look like that at night

link, note imgur is being stupid and says it is 18+, it is not, ignore and click past it.

right now it is too bright at night: https://imgur.com/a/SKRPaNs

what do you think?

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    • Vino
    • 8 mths ago
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    Nope. Pls dont use nextdns app. It would drain ur phone battery faster. Just put nextdns into the private dns

      • hy1
      • 8 mths ago
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      Vino i need to use the app, on some network i need a way to turn off the DNS right away, the app does that. I prefer the app.

      having dark mode would be even better.

      • Martheen
      • 8 mths ago
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       Search for Private DNS Quick Tile in F-Droid, after granting the permission through ADB (if you don't have a PC, you can use Shizuku and aShell for that), you can quickly toggle Private DNS from the Quick Settings tiles. In the quick tile setting itself disable the DNS Auto option, that way one tap will just switch between Private DNS off and Private DNS on to your NextDNS instead of having Private DNS auto in between.

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