Crypto and Nextdns blocking

Nextdns has some strong tools against cryptojacking it seems, fine for most users I guess, but it's a problem when I can't even connect to my wallet.

I'm using Monero GUI wallet. Easily connects with any other DNS service. Nextdns, I got it to connect once by turning off EVERYTHING and waiting (took like 30mins). In my logs, I believe I found the culprit that was being blocked: use-application-dns.net
But, that's already on my allowlist. In logs it shows as blocked manually.

So I guess my main issue is that NextDNS is ignoring an item in my allowlist. I'm posting this to ask if I can, for now, circumvent that by turning off whatever is blocking it. What do I turn off? Also, bug report I guess.

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  • I think it is a bug, This shouldn't be blocked unless the Block Bypass Methods is set to true. Instead it is internally blocked by nextDNS, even through things like Firefox use it for DOH and in your case the wallet uses it for security I am guessing.

    At the very least it should stop falsely stating "manually blocked" when in fact it should say "blocked by the provider" aka NextDNS.

  • Can you please post a screenshot of the log line as well as the corresponding item in the allowlist?

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