I need CDN location for region country

hello nextdns

I want to ask if nextdns can change the CDN location based on country region.
because right now I use nextdns but CDN for netflix, disney hotstar, facebook, instagram, tiktok doesn't go through Indonesian CDN locations like biznet or telkom.
CDN locations always go to Singapore so the latency goes up.
My suggestion is that maybe in the future nextdns can set the regional location of the source country.
Thank you for your attention.


indra purbo

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    Maybe you can try enabling the "Anonymized EDNS Client Subnet" option as with that turned on I was able to use the ISP based CDNs for YouTube / Netflix etc on my end.

    You can also double check by searching for the domain/IP on https://www.ipvoid.com/find-website-ip/ as they also show the CNAME, for example a Google video domain comes up as my ISP's server when doing a CNAME check.

    • indra_purbo
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    Okay, thanks for your help....

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