Hey there, Today came up in the record, an unusual  query, let's say in a special way. ipv4only.arpa, it appeared blocked by TLD ARPA. What's the suggestion of what to do, white list, block list?

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  • .arpa domains should be allowed always or chrome, firefox etc. blocking stuff won't work properly, they do a kind of reverse dns on the Ip to see if the IP is valid.  the ip is backwards.

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      RDLMP sorry for two posts, the in-addr.arpa lookups can be rerouted if your dns server will do that. they're never and can't be malicious, so just shoot them to the fastest dns/lowest latency dns server around you for your network, that usually is NOT 1111 9999 8888 or the isps dns.  if in doubt just use the isps dns and send the rest of the queries to nextdns.

  • Here's a little more on what that specific does. interesting, I've never seen it before either. https://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-cheshire-sudn-ipv4only-dot-arpa-08.html

    looks like it teplies with some kind of info on how your IPs subnet is setup or some thing weird.  

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