MacOS profile doesn't work with LuLu

The MacOS profile available at apple.nextdns.io doesn't work with the popular open-source MacOS firewall LuLu. NextDNS remains disabled under Network Settings until LuLu is disabled and the NextDNS interface is manually made active by selecting the NextDNS interface, clicking on the additional settings button below, and making the interface active.


  • Version: latest config profile downloaded from apple.nextdns.io, latest LuLu 2.0.0, and latest MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1.
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  • Hey, I have the same issue with Little Snitch and NextDNS. Both services can not run at the same time.

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  • Have you tried using the NextDNS app instead? I have a similar issue..

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    • Dan yes it works with the app and Little Snitch. However there is a plan to remove the VPN workaround in the app and use the profile instead. 

  • I can also confirm that the NextDNS profile does not work while running the Little Snitch firewall. I can only hope that the app stays around (which works together with Lulu & Little Snitch), because there is no way I'm getting rid of Little Snitch to run a DNS profile. 

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      • Daniel Giorgio
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      • Daniel_Giorgio
      • 9 mths ago
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      Chris Same thing with Monterey right? LittleSnitch still doesn't like DNS profiles at the same time.

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      • Chris
      • Chris.6
      • 9 mths ago
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      Daniel Giorgio Yeah, same behavior on Monterey. No two network extensions can be activated at the same time. My feedback I sent Apple in August 2021 still says no recent similar reports. This probably won't change anytime soon, unless more people send feedback. 

    • Chris CLI and Lulu work fine together on Big Sur.   Haven’t tried Monterey, my MBP is too old.

  • When you say "profile" are you referring to the CLI?

    I just installed LuLu and after making allowances for a handful of processes, I'm not having any issues with NextDNS while using the CLI on MacOS.

     I chose the LuLu preference to automatically allow Apple signed software and did NOT automatically allow previously installed software.  I received a few pop-ups for third party software and accepted those I recognize.   

     Maybe the app is different, but I'm not having any problems with the CLI.

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