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Recent versions of dd-wrt have SmartDNS, and I'm looking to configure nextdns with it. I've tried server-tls -host-name: xxxxx.dns1.nextdns.io and it works for DNS resolution, but nextdns reports that I'm using a different configuration.


Is there some setting that needs to be added? 

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  • Is your computer using your router as it's the DNS resolver? What OS and version are you running?

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      • sunny0_0
      • sunny0_0
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      in-addr. arpa yes. To test I used settings from the setup page in dnsmasq on my router, and NextDNS reported it working on my computer. I also disabled WAN DNS in both cases. But since it reported that I was using NextDNS with another configuration when using SmartDNS, it seems that the problem is that my ID is not recognized. I would use dnsmasq but I want tls. 

      Anyway... I'm using opensuse tumbleweed. 

      Edit: perhaps what I need is the equivalent of no-resolv in dnsmasq but for SmartDNS. 

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