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Hello.  Will the UnifiOS install guide be updated to provide more detailed install instructions?  I have the UDM Pro and would like to install and setup NextDNS but would like to see more details on setting it up.  It would be great if the instructions provided all of the following items in addition to the install command:

  • - Include the link to Conditional Configuration (assuming this is right command to run on UnifiOS)
  •     Also on conditional configuration it would be good to see if you can include exclusions.  If you have vlan1 set to use config 12345, vlan2 to use config 54321, and all others to use config abcde, is it possible to have a specific exclusion such as vlan4 not to use NextDNS?
  • - Provide steps/config to pass Device name from UnifiOS to NextDNS (would this be hostname, alias, or is it possible to provide alias and if blank use hostname?)
  • - Force specific vlans to use NextDNS.  For example, want to force vlan1, vlan2, and specific mac address to use NextDNS but vlan3 is not forced to.
  • - Say if SSH needs to remain enabled or if it can be turned off after install and applying settings
  • - Provide info about DNS server to use for DNS settings in the DHCP scope for vlans (should the be the vlan IP of the UDM/UDMP)


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  • I would also like to know if there is a way to have the entire router minus one VLAN not to be routing through NextDNS while using a UDM

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    • Torah Ohr Have you found a way to do this yet?

      I have been wanting to do this.

      • Torah Ohr
      • Torah_Ohr
      • 12 days ago
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      laurens crince Nope. It definitely has to do with the Conditional COnfiguration but I'm not sure how to get it to work when there is already configurations in there that I don't want and need to overwrite or remove

    • Torah Ohr Would making a profile without blocklist etc be a solution. Then NextDNS is just a normal DNS provider like google/cloudflare etc for that VLAN

      • Torah Ohr
      • Torah_Ohr
      • 10 days ago
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      Sven van Ginkel Meaning creating a second NextDNS account with no filtering and assigning the VLAN that I don't want filtered to go through that new Unfiltered NextDNS account? The issue is then I need to buy a second account but that is the best solution so far

      • R P M
      • R_P_M
      • 9 days ago
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      Torah Ohr You don’t need a new account just to create a new config. On the my.nextdns.io admin page simply select current config name (top left) and then new config. No extra account required.

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