NextDNS not working on iPhone or iPad, works on windows

iPad on 14.4, iPhone on 14.4.1. Neither the NextDNS app, nor the configuration profile generated at apple.nextdns.io work. On my.nextdns.io I can see “This device is not using NextDNS.”, and besides, I see ads. On iPhone I have only the NextDNS app (correctly configured, DNS set to NextDNS), also doesn’t work, my.nextdns.io shows the same error. Tried disconnecting from the wifi to check if it was the router blocking something, still have the same problem, not working at all.

Please help?

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  • What do you get for https://test.nextdns.io and https://ping.nextdns.io from your iPhone?

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  • Hi,

    For test url:

    "status": "unconfigured",
    "client": "",
    "resolver": "",
    "server": "anexia-yto-1"

    For ping:

    vultr-yto         6 ms  (ultralow2)

      anexia-yto        9 ms  (anycast2, ultralow1)

      zepto-ymq        14 ms

      anexia-ewr       17 ms

      vultr-chi        21 ms  (anycast1)

      teraswitch-pit   23 ms

      ovh-ymq          27 ms

      vultr-ewr        28 ms

      zepto-xrs        33 ms

      router-pit       33 ms

      zepto-iad        34 ms


  • Olivier Poitrey did you have any chance to look into this?


  • Did you install the profile in the settings and then enabled the DNS profile in the VPN & Network menu?

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      • Lector
      • 8 mths ago
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      Olivier Poitrey yeah, did that, exactly following instructions, didn’t work, restarted phone, still no luck. I went out, now i checked and was back to working, no changes in settings or in configuration. This is the second time this happens since I reported it, it starts working, and at some point it stops.

  • Same issue here.. doesn’t work with either app or profile with NextDNS enabled in settings. I’ve added manually the values in DNS settings for the WiFi network. Ironically, has no issues with NextDNS app on cellular (selected disable on this WiFi network). 

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