Google servers detected on dnsleaktest

I have nextdns DOT set up on my Asus router (not CLI) and it is functioning perfectly....most of the time. 

Occasionally however, I am seeing Google servers detected (in addition to nextdns servers) when running extended test at dnsleaktest.com. (attached)

I read that uBlock Origin can cause this, have removed this extension from Chromium browser and problem persists.

Is this a problem on the nextdns side?

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  • i don't use uBlock Origin but can't confirm any leak.

    Did you try with clean browser profile or with another browser?

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  • I use Firefox with the Apple profile on macOS, uBlock Origin installed and running and all tests show only NextDNS. I run them on other browsers and it also only shows NextDNS, but just to confirm the uBlock behavior.

  • If you use google product then it's normal because all google products have embeded google dns inside them. So it's a random choice by the apps for any available known dns server. If you want to avoid this just tick the option that sounds like "force router dns redirection" in your router if it's supported, it will redirect all dns request port 53 to the router only.

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